Watch this adorable toddler refuse to let go of his baby brother

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This adorable toddler is so besotted with his new-born sibling he simply refuses to let go of his baby brother. 

Samantha Majcher, 22, caught her one-year-old son Noah persistently trying to take his four-month-old baby brother from her, while letting her know that Kody is his baby. 

In the funny video Noah grabs Kody's legs and pulls the infant towards him saying 'mine, mine' with a loving smile on his face.  

They do the tug of war a few times before Noah finally gives up and smiles at his baby brother. 

Stay-at-home mom Samantha, from Saratoga Springs, Utah, said: "Noah and I were playing with Kody and I told him 'my baby' while holding Kody and he said 'my baby.'

"He always says 'mine, mine, mine. Kody loves Noah and he'll smile at him a lot and he giggles."

Although Noah was initially a little jealous over Kody, the brothers now have a very loving relationship. 

"At first he was jealous every time we picked Kody up," said Samantha. 

"But he's starting to warm up to him and he's like 'oh I'm going to play with him.'"