Watch the amazing moment a drag queen performs a heart-warming tribute to her terminally ill grandmother

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A drag queen has shared the amazing moment they performed a heart-warming tribute to their terminally ill grandmother. 

Eric, 28, who performs as drag persona 'Sunshine Glitterchild', had only been performing in drag for a year when he learned his 81-year-old grandmother's health was deteriorating. 

When Eric and his family were told grandmother Lyse had become terminally ill with kidney and heart problems, the family scrambled to organise a special performance for her. 

Eric, from Ottawa, Canada, had just days to organise a lip-sync performance as Sunshine, to one of Lyse's favourite songs by Shirley Bassey before visiting her care home for what he feared would be the last time. 

Eric, who works at a hotel as well as doing freelance photography, said: "When we got the phone call to say my grandmother didn't have long left, I knew I had to act fast. 

"In the past year, drag has become a really important part of my life and I wanted to do something special so she could see me perform." 

Eric and mum Debby visited Lyse on April 22 for the surprise performance, with Eric - in character as Sunshine Glitterchild - donning a glamorous yellow dress in honour of Lyse's favourite colour. 

The video shows Lyse's shocked and happy reaction as Sunshine entered her bedroom, accompanied by a burst of confetti, and began to perform the emotional tribute, while the rest of the family watched via video call. 

Eric recalled Lyse's reaction to Sunshine, saying: "That moment was priceless - her reaction was pure and unconditional love and watching that video back makes me smile and cry. 

"She knows about drag and RuPaul through me, but she's from a different generation so I wanted to give her the opportunity to truly experience it. 

"She can't say very much these days, but she managed to tell me afterwards that she loved the performance, and that meant the world to me." 

Reflecting on the experience, Eric told how it has allowed him to get some closure and 'say a proper goodbye' to his grandmother, who is currently still living in the care home receiving palliative care. 

Eric, who hopes one day to work as a full-time drag entertainer, said: "When you know someone is at the end of their life, it can be heart-breaking to see them - but this was a very happy moment spent with her. 

"It turned a very negative family experience into a positive one, and it brought us all together for what could be the last time."