WATCH: Beyoncé makes cancer patient’s dream come true

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Cape Town – Beyoncé made a Houston-based cancer patient’s dream come true after meeting her over FaceTime.

Ebony Banks - whose nickname is Ebob - is a High School graduate who is battling with a rare form of stage four cancer and spent majority of her senior year in the hospital.

Earlier this month Ebony’s friends and family, along with help from Alief Independent School District held an early graduation ceremony in her honour.

See a picture of Ebony's special graduation here:

She is, of course, also a huge Beyoncé fan and her biggest wish has been to meet the hitmaker. So, to help make their friend’s dream come true, Ebony’s friends and family started a campaign called #EBOBMEETSBEYONCE shortly after her graduation.

The campaign caught Bey’s eye and she responded with a FaceTime call and a special message for Ebony.

Watch Beyoncé’s FaceTime call with Ebony here: