WATCH Britney Spears' Lifetime movie trailer: Bald and breaking down

The trailer for ‘Britney Ever After’ has landed and teases a nail-biting biopic about the superstar and the most memorable moments in her personal – but very public – life.

Yes, you’ll see a bald, umbrella-swinging Brit once more.

In the world of a pop star, what could possibly go wrong?

Before we get to the star’s tragic meltdown, that took place in real life in 2007, the actress who plays Spears gyrates on a dimly lit stage and on the dancefloor of a nightclub.

The camera pans to a young, hooded male, who, we can only presume is the first romantic interest in her life; her teenage sweetheart Justin Timberlake. But, we can’t be sure because he looks nothing like the singer and didn’t they first meet as young performers in Disney’s Mickey Mouse club?

The cracking sound of paparazzis’ flashing light bulbs follows and is tempered with the buzzing shrill of an electric razor as the trailer moves into the next part of Britney’s life.

Sadly, it seems to be forever on a downward trajectory.

Remember when the young singer fled to Las Vegas and got married to Jason Alexander?

We’re not sure if the below scene is reminiscing that event or her doomed nuptials to Kevin Federline.

In short, this trailer feels more like a promo for a budget made, teen slasher movie.

It focuses on all the drama and trauma in Britney’s life. Though we are at least reminded of some of the 35-year-old singer’s achievments; that she is “the pop star of the millenium” and has achieved “100 million records sold worldwide”.

The pair of sweeping statements are like a breath of fresh air amongst all the carnage.

Actress Natasha Bassett, who plays Britney in the unauthorised film, also provides an impressive voice over in the trailer, delivering a near perfect impression of the star’s southern Mississippi drawl.

She says: “I’m not gonna say I was fine. Cos I wasn’t. Everything’s just kind of this blur, you know. Until you hit rock bottom.

“I wanna be strong, for my fans. It keeps me going.”

Lifetime announced the biopic – due out February 18 – in August of last year and Britney went so far as to speak out against it, saying that she wouldn’t be involved “in any way, shape or form … nor does it have her blessing.”

Needless to say, her fans are not impressed with the trailer and rushed to her defence on Twitter.