WATCH: Britney Spears walks Backstreet Boy on a lead in Las Vegas show

Britney Spears got down and dirty with a Backstreet Boy member in Las Vegas at her ‘Piece of Me’ show over the weekend.

Britney Spears (C.M. Wiggins/

It really was a bit of a ‘Freak Show’ as the star made the singer get down on all fours and walk along the stage like a pet on a lead…

Howey Dorough was probably thinking “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas…” after Britney dragged him into her S+M themed Las Vegas performance to the delight of the audience, who cheered him on.

Fan footage shows the 35-year-old singer wearing skimpy black lingerie as she ushers Howey from The Backstreet Boys onto the stage and the ‘I Want It That Way’ singer was happy for the star to take control of the situation.

Britney made the first move on her new boyfriend, Sam Asghari, 22, who she met on the music video for her single ‘Slumber Party’ last year. She asked him out a few months after they locked eyes because she found him “cute”.

Speaking to Nathan Fast on radio station AMP 103.7, she said: “We were waiting and waiting together for 20 minutes at a time, literally stuck there, [while filming the video]. We were forced to talk to each other.

“He doesn’t really know me as a person, and I have no idea who the hell he is, and we were just talking.

“I kept his number, and it was so weird because it was like five months later that I found his number in my bag. I was like ‘He was really cute. This guy was really cute!’ so then I called him. He is just a really fun, funny person.”

The blonde beauty – who has sons Sean, 11, and Jayden, 10, with ex-husband Kevin Federline – also revealed she was tired of men playing “mind games”, and really wanted to settle down with a “nice guy”.

She said: “A lot of men are about games. It’s just the mind game with guys, the calling back and texting, it’s just too much, it’s silly. Actually, I’m not looking for men right now, I’m really happy with myself. I’m not looking for anything, I’m fine with the way I am.

“I like someone that’s just nice overall, just a nice guy really is groundbreaking in this world.”

Needless to say we are delighted to see Britney slaying her career and personal life right now. Go Brit!


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