Watch: Car packed with 600 fireworks explodes at New Year's Eve party

Nick Reilly

Terrifying footage shows the moment that a man’s car exploded on New Year’s Eve after a lit firework fell on top of more than 600 packaged fireworks he had stored in the boot of the vehicle.

Hurara Hassan’s car was reportedly set ablaze after the incident occurred at a party in a car park in Houston, Texas, where people were setting off fireworks to welcome in 2018.

In the footage,Hassan’s Dodge Charger is seen engulfed in a huge fireball, while fireworks are also seen popping out of the vehicle and dark smoke billows from the windows.

Fireworks are seen exploding from within the car

His friend Issa Sham’s car reportedly suffered minor paint damage, although no one was injured in the potentially disastrous explosion.

Hassan has confirmed that the vehicle is repairable, but he’s planning on being much more vigilant next time around.

‘I’ll go do the fireworks again’, he confirmed. ‘But I’ll make sure the trunk is closed next time.’

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Jonathan Garza, who recorded the footage, said: ‘You can tell there was chaos here. It’s obvious.

‘The Charger, like the trunk, was popping fireworks left and right.’