WATCH: Charlize Theron went on The Ellen Show to talk about her new movie and left with a whole lot more

Town – Charlize Theron stopped by The Ellen Show to talk about her kids and her new movie Tully and left with a whole lot more than she bargained for.

In keeping with the theme of her latest film project – Charlize plays an overworked mother of three who is gifted a night nanny by her brother – the South African beauty shared a funny story about her own two kids.

Charlize has 6-year-old son Jackson and “almost” 3-year-old daughter August and while they used to get along when they were younger, they definitely don’t anymore.

The 42-year-old explains that she used to be brought to tears by how loving they were towards each other and how peaceful it was, now she is brought to tears because, “It’s like war in our house every single day.”

The Gringo actress also revealed her go-to snack to help her pick up almost 50lbs (22kg) was “potato chips” and while it sounds nice Charlize made sure to highlight that the unhealthy lifestyle she had to adopt to gain weight caused her to go into a depressive state.


The main even during the show however, was when Ellen generously offered to give Charlz $10 000, curtesy of Shutterfly, for the Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Project if she could hit a bullseye with a bow and arrow.


Of course, Charlize gave it a good effort and left the show with her heart full of gratitude.

“Ellen - I am so grateful for your generosity (even though I didn’t hit a bullseye...),” Charlize wrote on Instagram.


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