Watch chilling moment stalker removes listening device he planted in neighbour's home

This is the moment a creepy stalker was caught on camera trying to remove secret listening devices he planted in his neighbour's house - including one on her BED. William Nolan, 59, and his wife were trusted with a key to neighbour Leigh Jones' home so they could feed her two cats while she was away. But the 64-year-old was horrified when she found a voice recorder taped under her coffee table - and then another behind the headboard in her bedroom. Widow Leigh then set up covert webcams to catch the rogue who came to collect the recording kit. The sleuth also carefully hoovered her carpet in one direction to capture the snooper's footprints. When grandma-of-one Leigh watched back the footage she caught Nolan in her home, retrieving the spyware recorders, and called the police. The married former security guard admitted stalking without fear/alarm/distress and was jailed for 15 weeks at Birmingham Magistrates' Court on May 25. The judge described the case as one of the most serious 'stalking' offences he had ever seen. *This video was filmed 12th November 2020.

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