Watch Cincinnati Zoo's Prematurely Born Hippo Swim Underwater

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens’ prematurely born baby hippopotamus reached what is considered normal birth weight this week, and went for a swim.

The zoo said on Monday, February 27, Fiona had gained 12 pounds over one week, reaching normal birth weight. She weighed in at 63 pounds on Tuesday, according to the zoo’s Fiona updates page. She also is using what the zoo calls a “big girl bottle” for her regular feedings.

The zoo released on Thursday a video of Fiona swimming in a pool, giving an underwater view of her exercise. The zoo said pool time is when Fiona is at her most independent during the day and helps her develop the skills she will need to be reunited with her birth parents.

Fiona was born six weeks early on January 23; the zoo staff has been caring for her since then. She is still considered two weeks premature.

A music-free version of this video is provided at the download link. Credit: YouTube/Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens via Storyful