Watch: Colorado woman spent 23 days on a road trip picking up TRASH across the US.

This Colorado woman has spent 23 days picking up 126 bags of trash across the US. Having over a month off from her job at a campus recreation center, Stefani Shamrowicz, 24, decided to take a trip to help clean up the environment. She's now driven over 70 hours through Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York, cleaning up everything from pee-filled bottles to lawn ornaments. "I've picked up probably over 50 bottles of pee and a few bags of human feces," said the Fort Collins woman. "About 80% is drinking bottles and face masks have been pretty common. I've found a few fast-food toys and a tire with a pair of cowboy boots in it." Stefani said her aim isn't to shame, but rather encourage people to do what they can. This video was filmed within May 2021.

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