Watch: How constant shelling has destroyed a village in the Donetsk region

In a village in the Donetsk region of Ukraine, there are just around 10 people who remain. Hundreds of people used to live in Bohorodychany before the war. But most of the houses have been destroyed and those who stay are living in battered buildings with limited electricity and water.

One of the families still there are the Honchars, consisting of 91-year-old Nina and her son Mykola who is 58. They stayed in Bohorodychany, spending Orthodox Christmas in the rubble because they said they had nowhere else to go.

They were in the village during the fighting and the Russian occupation.

"I was under the machine gun. They (Russians) captured me," said Mykola Honchar.

With the help of a neighbour, Mykola has already buried his brother, Vasyl, and his brother's wife, Lyubov, who were killed during the shelling.

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