Watch: Dad Spends £4.2 MILLION On Daughter’s Lavish 15th Birthday Party

It’s a father’s privilege to spoil his daughter but one dad has taken it to the extreme and splashed out an astonishing £4.2 million for a birthday party.

Maya Henry wanted to celebrate her 15th birthday in style and, sure enough, her very rich father Thomas J Henry pulled out all the stops.

As well as her pals, Maya was joined by rapper Pitbull and Nick Jonas, who both performed for guests.

The teenager also wore a custom made Rolando Santana gown and had her make-up created by Patrick Ta - who has worked with the Kardashian clan, no less.

Oh, and photography was by Donna Newman - who counts Matt Damon and First Lady Michelle Obama among her clients.

To make sure the bash ran smoothly, a team of 150 party planners masterminded every detail at the 55,000 square foot space in San Antonio, Texas.

Balloons and a bit of cake are usually what you’d expect, but Maya’s 600 guests were met with 30-foot tall cherry trees in full blossom, walls of roses, flowing fountains and and a main ballroom bursting with rows of swanky lounge furniture and dazzling flutters of butterflies suspended from the ceiling.

Naturally, the birthday girl was thrilled with how it all turned out.

She gushed: “It was an amazing night. One I will never forget.

“I am so thankful to everyone who attended and to my amazing parents, who literally made my dreams come true.”

Her proud father added: “Her mother and I wanted to give her an unforgettable night to mark her transition into young adulthood.

“We are so excited to see what the future holds for Maya.”

Maya has worked with several charities since she was a child and has campaigned to raise awareness to issues involving female empowerment and opportunities for Latina America women.

Which, to be fair, is more than we did by the time we turned 15.