Watch: Dodo relative found 900 miles from home at Australian resort

Nov. 10 (UPI) -- Bird experts in Australia are flocking to a Queensland resort to catch a glimpse of a rare visitor: a Nicobar pigeon, the closest living relative of the extinct dodo.

Sue O'Donnell, general manager of the Green Island resort, said the bird, dubbed Emerald by employees, has been a frequent visitor in recent days, and has even been seen wandering into rooms while workers are cleaning.

The species, named for India's Nicobar Islands, is native to Southeast Asia, and Golo Maurer, head of BirdLife Australia's Citizen Science Program, said the avian has wandered more than 900 miles from its species' nearest breeding grounds.

Maurer told the Australian Broadcasting Corp. it's also possible the pigeon was "someone's pet and cut a lucky break."

Wildlife authorities said they have no plans to capture or relocate the bird.

Maurer said Green Island could prove to be the ideal environment for the avian to thrive.

"It likes forested islands and the ability to find food on the ground, so it's a lovely spot for a Nicobar pigeon," he said. "There are many native birds there and it's a stopover for migratory shorebirds, so he's really just adding to the experience of bird life on a tropical island."