WATCH Does This Video Prove That ‘The Chase’ Is A Fix?

Eagle-eyed viewers have put ITV game show ‘The Chase’ under scrutiny after they spotted that the Chaser was given extra time in the final round, sparking 'fix’ accusations.

Last night’s episode of the popular show, which is hosted by Bradley Walsh, outraged fans when the Chaser’s countdown clock paused for a while at ten seconds, with the number appearing two times in total.


As a result, the Chaser was given much more time than he should have been, with a prize fund of £27,000 at stake.

Viewers took to Twitter to share their observations, with one posting a video of the moment and writing: “I have proof the chaser gets more time than the contestants!”

Another wrote: “Added an extra second on for the chaser! 10 seconds turn to 10 seconds! #TheChase”.


Despite the suspicious 'fix’ in the time, the full team did manage to win the huge prize fund after successfully beating Chaser Mark Labbert who was nine questions behind when the ten-second mishap occurred.

Although it did not impact the result of this particular show, the blip does raise question over whether it has happened before and worked in the Chaser’s favour.

ITV are yet to comment on the allegations.