Watch: Dog Is Nearly Hanged After Lead Gets Caught In Lift Door

This is the shocking moment that a dog was almost killed when its lead got caught in a lift door.

The pooch was dragged upwards and suspended in mid-air when the lift started to move, leaving it kicking and struggling to breathe.

Fortunately, the lead broke away from the doors before the dog was hanged and it was sent toppling to the floor.

Shocking: The dog was pulled up by its trapped lead (CEN)

Danger: The lift started to move with the lead trapped in its doors (CEN)

Struggle: The woman inside desperately tried to release the lead (CEN)

CCTV cameras inside the lift in St Petersburg, Russia, captured the whole, harrowing incident.

A mum and her young son are seen getting inside the lift but as the doors begin to close, the medium sized black dog rushes into the lift at the very last second, trailing its lead behind it.

Lucky: The dog was saved when its lead broke free (CEN)

Miraculous: The dog had no serious injuries after the incident (CEN)

As the doors closed, the dog’s horrified owners were left helpless on the other side of the lift doors.

The woman inside the lift managed to press the stop button before the dog’s lead broke free, managing to escape certain death.

The dog apparently walked away from the incident without any serious injuries.