Take a tour of Dr Zoe’s home set up

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Dr Zoe Williams opens up her home to showcase the many different ways her space is utilised, from GP surgery to fitness studio, all powered by super reliable, Sky Broadband Superfast.

If you’ve ever wondered what kit you’d need to be a media personality, successful fitness influencer and work-from-home GP, then Dr Zoe Williams has the answers. She does all those varied roles from her leafy home in south London. And then some: the mum-to-be is expecting her first baby this summer.

Of course, she has gadgets to help: ring lights, microphones, phone holders, headphones, and more, but it’s reliable broadband that powers her business ventures. She uses super reliable, Sky Broadband Superfast for absolutely everything, whether that’s consulting with patients over video chat, hosting Instagram Live fitness classes or appearing before millions of viewers on television programme, This Morning.

“Seeing people and what they’ve developed and created from home has really inspired me to do the same,” Williams explains in the above video, which sees her opening her doors to Yahoo UK for a tour of her home.

“We’ve realised just how much you can do from your own home. None of that would be possible without reliable broadband.”

Each room in Williams’ space is dedicated to a different facet of her career, although, as the doctor explains: “Everything that I do links to health.”

Dr Zoe Williams give us a tour of her home
Dr Zoe Williams give us a tour of her home

The kitchen is the first stop on the tour, kitted out with everything Williams needs for podcasting and webinars.

“I tend to use this room for video conferences and video webinars. One of the things I really enjoy doing from this room is recording our podcast,” she explains.

We follow Williams up the stairs to the room she uses for media appearances, a plant-filled oasis.

“A couple of days a week, this is also my clinic, and it’s where I consult with my patients over video call,” she explains.

In addition to work meetings, Williams also uses her home space for workouts, depending on super reliable, Sky Broadband Superfast to broadcast her training sessions via Instagram Live to her tens of thousands of followers.

These sessions are hosted from an upstairs bedroom which she calls her “zen space”.

“I’m a fitness influencer online as well. This is where I do a lot of my workouts and Instagram Lives so I have my ring light setup here, and I also use that for doing my live workouts as well,” she explains.

Even the camera crew can’t stop Williams from getting her daily workout in - something she continues to enjoy throughout her fit pregnancy.

Watch the video in full to see how Williams juggles her various roles by assigning each room in her home a different purpose, and how super reliable, Sky Broadband Superfast syncs it all together.

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