WATCH EastEnders’ Zainab Masood Finally Meets Nancy Carter

Let’s be honest, as much as we love Nancy Carter and Tamwar Masood’s EastEnders’ romance, a little part of us can’t help but wish Tamwar’s mum, Zainab, was still around to stick her meddling nose in.

Well, thanks to some BBC bigwigs, the stars aligned and that’s exactly what we got when Nina Wadia, who plays Tambo’s nagging mum, guest-hosted The One Show when Maddy Hill, who plays Nancy, was a guest.

Both stars made the most of the situation as the evening show took a hilarious turn when Nina snapped at Maddy: “Maddy, I understand you are dating my son Tamwar in EastEnders.

“I am not happy about that.”

An image of the two lovebirds kissing in the Masood’s living room then flashed up on the screen, with an ‘outraged’ Nina adding: “Oh my goodness. Is that you on my sofa in my house? Kissing my son?

“I’m distraught - I’m leaving!”

Maddy played along, quipping: “[Zainab] would be absolutely raging. She would be.”

The young actress was then asked if she wore shoes in scenes inside the Masood’s house, with Maddy reassuring Nina: “I always take my shoes off, I always do.

“And if they forget, I always tell them I shouldn’t have my shoes on!”

Nina recently hinted that she would like to rejoin the hit BBC One show, telling Inside Soap: “I never know if I am going to be asked but I’ll never say never. Zainab was broken when she left.

“The attractive thing about Zainab was always that she was painfully annoying. If she ever did go back, there is no way she will have mellowed.”

Zainab hasn’t been on our screens since 2013, with it being revealed last year that the character wants to cut all ties with her family so a return to Albert Square is unlikely.

Still, this is EastEnders - stranger things have happened, haven’t they?