WATCH: Evri delivery staff filmed 'launching' parcel at a customers front door

WATCH: Evri delivery staff filmed throwing parcel at a customers front door <i>(Image: Ady Timofte)</i>
WATCH: Evri delivery staff filmed throwing parcel at a customers front door (Image: Ady Timofte)

A CUSTOMER was outraged by the lack of respect shown to them when an Evri delivery driver was caught on camera throwing their package at their front door.

On Saturday November 26, Ady Timofte from Bournemouth was waiting for his daughter's parcel to arrive at his home.

However, he was shocked to watch back his Ring doorbell footage showing the driver chucking the parcel at the door without knocking.

Ady was horrified at the "lack of respect" the company has for people's belongings.

This isn't the first time he has had an issue with the company, with a parcel of his previously being damaged after a driver threw it at the door.

Ady said: "The package was clothes for my daughter, we were all in the house at the time, but he didn’t even bother knocking.

"He just decided to launch it at the door to save him two seconds of his time.

"This is not the first time this has happened, not long ago my package containing a DVD player was thrown and ended up being damaged.

"It's awful, they have no respect for people's belongings.

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"I managed to get the DVD player refunded but it should never have even happened in the first place.

"The parcel was just clothes so luckily it was okay this time, but that is beside the point, I shouldn't be worried to order something delicate in case it just gets thrown by the delivery company.

"My whole family were in the house at the time ready to answer the door, but he didn't even take two seconds to knock."

Evri has acknowledged the incident and will be speaking to the driver about their "delivery standards."

A spokesperson from Evri said: "Our local team will speak to the courier involved about our required delivery standards.

"We can confirm that Ms Timofte received her parcel on time and undamaged."

The news comes shortly after Evri has been revealed as the UK's worst-performing parcel company for the second year running.