Watch as this golden retriever pup eschews her doggy pool and tries to go swimming in a birdbath instead

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Watch as this golden retriever pup ignores her own doggy pool and tries to go swimming - in a birdbath. 

Moose, a five-month-old puppy, can be seen trying to impress her Husky friend Diesel by precariously perching herself on the vessel.  

But despite her best efforts, Moose ends up toppling over before she can finish her swim. 

Rachael Elizabeth, 37, from Byron Bay, Australia, said: "She occasionally drinks from the birdbath, but she's never done this before.

"We were just chilling on New Year's Day, a bit hungover, and we saw Moose in the birdbath. We thought it was hilarious."

Rachael, who runs a shop called 'Dr. Moose's T-shirts' says Moose is the mascot of the business. 

She added: "She's a massive goof and generally does stupid puppy stuff, like digging massive holes, but that day it was stinking hot.

"Moose was probably just trying to cool off. 

"It was weird though. We've got both a full pool, and a doggy pool, but she hopped into the birdbath.

"She's such a friendly dog. We think she was just trying to show off in front of Diesel."