You have to watch the hilarious moment this boy ruins gender reveal

A video of the moment a little boy ruins a pregnant woman’s gender reveal has gone viral because it’s just painful to watch — but also hilarious.

The expecting mom from Sydney was excitedly preparing to find out the sex of her unborn baby with a confetti-filled balloon when a little boy ran up and popped the balloon early. Yikes!

Unfortunately, for the family (but fortunately for us), the whole incident was caught on camera and the mother-to-be’s heartbreak has been viewed over a million times already (as of this story).

A gender reveal goes wrong when a kid sneaks up on his mum and pops the balloon before it's meant to be burst. Source: Facebook/HumansOfBankstown
Photo: Facebook

It’s not known if the little boy — who ran up behind the woman to burst the balloon with a toy sword — is her son, but viewers on social media have speculated he is and that he’s in big trouble.

As pink confetti sprays into the air — apparently, it’s a girl! — the mom looks deflated and defeated. She then walks away slowly, in an apparent bid to keep her cool, leaving the little boy wondering what he’s done wrong.

The mum initially can't believe what has happened. Source: Facebook/HumansOfBankstown
Photo: Facebook

“Oh my gosh why is she so calm I would of turned into the Incredible Hulk,” one Facebook user wrote in response to her devastated reaction.

Another pointed out her demeanor probably means big trouble. “Fear the mom that is totally calm. She’s gone past ‘losing her s***’ and is well into ‘found her fury and will serve it up in doses for the rest of your life.’”

Others, however, have praised the kid for his naughty but hilarious antics.

“Hahaha…. love this kid!” one wrote, while another branded him a “hero.”

We don’t know what the mom in this video actually thinks of it all, but we’re sure she definitely won’t forget how she discovered she was having a girl.

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