Watch hilarious moment man runs towards 'mini tornado' to save his pint in pub car park in Wales

This is the hilarious moment a man saved his pint from a 'mini tornado' in a pub beer garden. CCTV footage shows a couple running away from the 'dust devil' which tore through The Begelly Arms car park.

It hit the hotel and restaurant near Saundersfoot in Wales at around 1:50pm on Sunday (19 May) - leaving locals scattering. But one brave customer is seen rushing to the aid of an unattended pint left on a nearby table.

Landlord, Peter Adams, said: "My wife and I were outside under the canopy talking to some customers we hadn't seen for a while, when suddenly we heard this alarm going off from a blue Porsche convertible.

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A mini tornado of dust seen forming next to cars in a car park
The 'mini tornado' begins to form in the car park of the The Begelly Arms -Credit:No credit

"We all turned around and the thing started working its way towards us We didn't know what to expect. It looked scary at first as a couple of people were running - but then there was the man trying to save his pint and it was just hilarious."

The Met Office describes the phenomenon, known as a dust devil, as "an upward spiralling, dust filled vortex of air" which can range from few feet to over a 1,000ft. They are usually made up of dust and occasionally loose debris.

A man running through a car park as a mini tornado moves through it
The man spots his pint in danger and legs it as a couple runs away from the dust devil -Credit:Peter Adams/ SWNS

On the CCTV footage, the flags at the front of The Begelly Arms can be seen to change direction - swiftly followed by the dust devil spiralling into action in the car park.

Peter believes the phenomenon could have been caused by this sudden "change of wind - with cold air suddenly turning into hot air".

Though he admits he has "never seen anything like it before" and the dust devil was "pretty strong" as it lifted the roof off the pub canopy - and covered the pub goers and owners in dust.

A man picking up a pint off a table in a pub car park
Saved - the pub-goer picks up his pint unscathed -Credit:Peter Adams/SWNS

He added: "The dust was something else - we were all covered in dust. My mrs had her hair cut the next day and she still had dust in her hair - so she had to keep washing it!"

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