WATCH: Hong Kong's bamboo scaffolders preserve ancient technique

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Scaffolders perched on bamboo frames are a common sight in Hong Kong, which is one of the world's last remaining cities to use the material in modern construction.

Students at the city's Construction Industry Council (CIC) learn how to firmly sit on the bamboo frame so that they can free up their hands to work on the scaffolds.

Bamboo scaffolding dates back centuries and was once a widespread practice across China and elsewhere in Asia. Most cities in the region have phased it out to favour materials such as steel and aluminium.

Mo Jia Yu is one of around a dozen students at the CIC. "You have to have a daring heart," he said. "You have to be aware of safety because you are working high up in the air."

Scaffolding is regulated by strict safety guidelines but is still viewed as a dangerous profession.