Watch ice crystals form on the surface of a bubble as it freezes in real-time

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Beautiful moment a bubble froze into a beautiful sphere during a sunrise - creating a natural snowglobe.

Watch a bubble freeze into a beautiful crystal sphere as the sun rises over a frozen lake in Minnesota, USA.

The soapy orb turned into a pristine snow globe at the same time as a fisherman bravely strode out over the frozen waters.

Carol Bauer, 56, tiptoed about two feet out onto Big Stone Lake, Minnesota where the ice was about four inches thick to get the shot.

The air temperature was at about -13°C and the wind low so the conditions were perfect for bubbles to freeze over.

Agricultural business owner Carol said: "I was at this lake and saw some small ice heaves, and I knew that the sunrise in this area would be lined up so decided to give it a try!"

Carol blew air through a straw into a glass filled with water, washing up liquid and corn syrup to create the bubble, and perfectly captured the formation of ice crystals on its surface, turning it into a snow globe!

A fisherman walks behind the bubble, stepping out further onto the thin ice pulling a trailer filled with fishing gear.

Carol said: "This video has special meaning to me because my Dad recently passed away unexpectedly on November 4.  

"He had cabin on this lake for 25 years and fished in it many times.  

"My mind was on him that morning and then this fisherman comes along and it happens to be a fishing friend of my Dad's whom I had not met before and he reminded me so much of my Dad - it kind of made my day!"

This video was taken on December 19 at 8am.