Watch as this Jack Russell Terrier goes head-to-head with a feisty crab

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This video shows the moment a Jack Russell went head-to-head - with a feisty CRAB.

The eight month old terrier dog - who is aptly named Fisher - likes going fishing with his owners in Vinton, Louisiana. 

But one day Fisher got into a tussle with a crab, and the crustacean got the last laugh. 

"The crab won that one I think," said Fisher's owner Mary Hatch, 54, who works in a casino. 

"Fisher got nipped on the nose a few times with the crab's claws, but he still went back for more. He doesn't give up.  

"We love to go fishing and Fisher always comes along, as you can tell, he always attacks the things we catch. 

"If we catch something and throw it back in the water he'll go right in and get it back out again. 

''Or he'll dive into the buckets and start attacking the fish before we've had a chance to throw them back. 

"We never taught him any of this, he just learned it on his own."