Watch Jobby the parrot 'thank' Glasgow for bringing him home to 'poo all over living room'

Jobby the parrot has shared a video message to thank those who helped bring him home after losing his way back.

The naughty green adventurer went missing after flying out of his home in the south side on Saturday, July 6, before being found inside the maternity unit at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital the next day.

Apsi Witana was devastated after losing her beloved Jobby and shared an appeal to help bring him home. After initially losing hope, thinking she'd never see him again, she is elated to have him back home where he belongs.

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She has now shared a video message from the now-famous parrot himself and told Glasgow Live that he is grateful to be home. The clip shows Jobby in his cage squeaking away as he shares his gratitude.

Apsi said: "Having him back home means the world to me.

Apsi Witana has been reunited with her pet parrot Jobby
Apsi Witana has been reunited with her pet parrot Jobby -Credit:Supplied

"He'd like to say thanks for getting back the opportunity to throw things off tables, admire his own reflection, nibble my earrings and poo all over the living room again."

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