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Keeping fit has always been important, but with everything that's going on in the world right now, it's more important than ever that we look after ourselves. Unfortunately, that's not always easy, particularly for children who are no longer able to attend PE lessons while schools are closed.

Luckily, fitness instructor Joe Wicks is on the case. To help children (and adults) keep fit during the Covid-19 pandemic, Wicks has launched a series of live PE classes which he updates daily.

Classes start every weekday at 9am GMT and last for 30 minutes. (East Coast viewers in the US will need to wake up at 5am local time – good luck!).

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It's best to start watching five minutes early so you're ready when the lesson begins. No equipment is required, although it's recommended that you wear comfortable exercise clothes and keep some water close to hand.

While you're waiting for Wicks to appear, try to memorise all the items visible on the shelves behind where he usually stands. Joe likes to test die-hard fans with a daily spot-the-difference.

Along with a standard warm-up and cool down, the classes include high intensity exercises where participants must do one exercise for thirty seconds, and then rest for thirty seconds. Thankfully, Wicks provides easy and difficult versions of most exercises so everyone in the family can take part, regardless of how fit you might be.

You can join in the fun by watching Wicks’s YouTube channel at 9am every weekday. Follow the link to subscribe right here. Joe started these classes on March 23, so if you want to work your way through each lesson from the beginning, you can also start here.

It's also possible to catch up with each lesson later in the day if you want a cheeky lie-in and 9am seems too early.

Now that Wicks has grabbed the attention of millions thanks to his classes, it should come as no surprise that networks like Channel 4 are keen to sign him up. However, Wicks has said he has no plans to move the sessions offline and on to TV. Instead, he wants to continue broadcasting new lessons each day on his Body Coach TV YouTube channel.

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While appearing on BBC Radio 2 (via The Independent), Wicks said recently that:

"I have decided I want to stay on YouTube because I want [the classes] to have a global reach. I don’t want to be exclusive to one place. I have been blown away by the response."

On top of that, all the advertising revenue Joe's generated from this new influx of fans will be donated to help the NHS during the coronavirus crisis.

Announcing his decision on Instagram, Wicks said:

"Words can’t express how happy and proud I have felt every day this week as the nations PE teacher."

"I’ve been overwhelmed with the response and the support it’s had from everyone. As a result of so many people viewing the #PEWithJoe workouts on YouTube the advertising revenue generated has been unlike anything I’ve seen or experienced on my channel before."

"So I’ve decided that as long as I’m the nation's PE teacher, every single penny of the money generated on these videos is going to the place where we need it the most right now."

Once you've enjoyed working out with Joe Wicks from the comfort of your own living room, check out some other online classes that celebrities are currently running for free right here.

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