Watch Jordan Klepper Ask MAGA Rally Attendees About Trump’s Felony Convictions on ‘The Daily Show’

“Daily Show” correspondent and part-time host Jordan Klepper is known for his ability to commiserate with the MAGA legions and reveal their cult-like dimensions, but for his latest “Finger the Pulse” segment, it seems like even he’s lost the thread. Despite being named guilty of over 34 felony counts in a scandalous hush-money case involving a porn star and tabloid journalism, Donald Trump still manages to have a grip on the base of the Republican party and Klepper set out to understand why.

Speaking to rally go-ers in Racine, Wisconsin, Klepper finds a group unwilling to acknowledge the truth of who their chosen leader is, instead choosing to obfuscate or lie on his behalf even when reality is being thrown right in their faces. At one point, Klepper is speaking to a man wearing a red hat with writing on it that can only read “Make America Great Again” in Russian when the man portends Biden will not show up to next week’s debate out of fear of going up against Trump. Klepper plays into it only to spin it back on the man, referencing Trump’s own refusal to debate Nikki Haley during the primary.

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After one Trump fan told Klepper, “It only takes one crime to send you to jail,” Klepper fired right back, “Isn’t that the truth! Suddenly America is a land where you commit a crime and go to prison, are you f***ing kidding me?!” The irony was lost on the Trump fan, who laughed along in agreement.

With multiple rally attendants, Klepper follows them down the road of viewing Trump’s recent conviction as a sham conducted by a politicized Justice Department, only to then spin it around, using Hunter Biden’s recent conviction, also sought by the Justice Department, as justification for why the system actually works. Each time a MAGA supporter presented their reasoning for maintaining support for Trump, Klepper was able to present facts for why that reasoning doesn’t hold water, yet none relented.

“It’s like if you have some child and they pull some shenanigan,” one attendee said. “You don’t like what they do. You love the person, but you don’t necessarily like what they do.”

Klepper found this child analogy rather apt, though struggled with the concept of wanting a child as President of the United States. One hopes others do as well come November.

Watch the entire segment below.

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