WATCH Katie Price divides followers with 'embarrassing' video of son Harvey

Katie Price has been in the headlines a lot recently in her bid to make trolling people online a crime, punishable with prison time.

The star’s 14-year-old son, Harvey, is often the victim of nasty cyber trolls due to his severe disabilities, with Katie eventually having enough and launching a petition to be discussed in parliament.

Katie has been accused of ‘setting Harvey up to be trolled’.

Harvey suffers from Prader-Willi Syndrome, ADHD, autism, and is blind, and Katie has been incredibly vocal about the cruel comments that he receives on the internet – including one instance where a troll made a fake sex tape featuring her son.

However, the mum-of-five has now been slammed by her Instagram followers after she posted an “embarrassing” video of her son to her social media page, with critics commenting that she is purposefully making him a target.

In the video, Harvey is topless and can be seen dancing to the Crazy Frog, with Katie encouraging the teen to sing along.

Later in the footage, Harvey appears to drop the C-bomb, seemingly saying to one of Katie’s friends: “You’re such a c***, Louise.”

Louise replies: “Thanks Harvey, I love you too – you’re such a c*** to me.”

Commenting on the vid, Katie’s angry followers wrote: “And she wonders why he’s bullied.”

“It’s very cruel that you have to post videos like this of your son just to stay in the media and news!!!”

“I love Harvey but I feel this video does not help your cause. You are setting him up to be trolled. Why have you cropped his head out and focused on his body?”

Harvey faces vile abuse on a daily basis.

“You say about him getting bullied but not being horrible, I don’t think it helps you putting something like this up.”

However, others defended the former glamour model, hitting back: “Keep going. Educate these people saying: ‘You’re not helping him putting this on social media’ – pathetic. A video of a child with disabilities having a bit of fun, that’s disturbing to you? Then you’re disturbing to me!”

“My son has a disabilities and if my son ever come out with language like than then I would not be making it public, you be embarrassed… That’s only the language though, I do agree that there is nothing wrong with her sharing a video of her disabled son having fun.”

Katie Price dropped the N-word twice during an appearance on This Morning.

“People are always going to judge! I think she wants to be able to post whatever and nobody care.”

Katie has not responded to the backlash.

The move comes after Katie was slammed for saying the ‘N-word’ twice during an appearance on This Morning earlier this week.

The star was listing some of the abuse that poor Harvey is subjected to and earned a telling off from host Philip Schofield when she dropped the offensive word on more than one occasion.

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