WATCH: Kumail Nanjiani and the story of the mysterious smell

Cape Town – Kumail Nanjiani just shared the best memory about him and his wife, Emily V. Gordon, so listen up.

As if watching his and Emily’s unique love story play out in the movie The Big Sick wasn’t enough, the comedian/actor/writer shared a recent story about a mysterious smell.

“I was sleeping and at four in the morning she woke me up and she’s like, ‘Do you smell that?’ and I smelt something so I go, ‘Yeah I do smell something,’” Kumail starts.

The Silicon Valley actor goes on to explain how Emily decided to take control of the situation and sort it out.

A phone call to 911 later and Kumail found himself chatting to “three tall firemen” at his front door, only to figure out the smell was a skunk.