Watch Kyle Rittenhouse flee the stage after student protesters boo him while we LAUGH

Kyle Rittenhouse was booed offstage at a speaking engagement at the University of Memphis
Kyle Rittenhouse was booed offstage at a speaking engagement at the University of Memphis

Kyle Rittenhouse was booed offstage during a speech at the University of Memphis on Wednesday evening, and we haven't stopped smiling since.

Rittenhouse was invited to speak at the university by the student chapter of Turning Point USA — a far-right Christian nationalist organization that supports Donald Trump — but students and protestors didn't take his presence lying down, confronting him about racist comments made by the organization's president Charlie Kirk.

Before the event, students tried to appeal to the university to keep Rittenhouse from appearing, but when that was unsuccessful, students bought up as many tickets to the event so they could either come and voice their dissent or not show up and leave the seat vacant.

ABC 24 reports that one student said, "The goal is to take up space…but mostly to take up space from people who have harmful ideologies."

So, not only did Rittenhouse face questions he seemed unwilling or incapable of answering, but the auditorium was also mostly empty.

That's the kind of red carpet we want to be rolled out for racist, entitled conservatives.

Rittenhouse, 21, gained notoriety in August 2020 when he shot and killed two demonstrators and injured a third using a semi-automatic AR-15-style gun that he brought to a Black Lives Matter protest in the wake of Jacob Black, a Black man, being shot and paralyzed by a white police officer shot.

Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time, claimed he shot the three men in self-defense and was ultimately acquitted in November 2021.

But it was more than his acquittal — which many saw as justice being subverted in favor of a young white man — that led people to protest his speaking engagement.

Footage of Rittenhouse, has gone viral on X (formerly Twitter), showing him being confronted with questions from the audience before ultimately being booed and fleeing the stage.

"Charlie Kirk has said a lot of racist things," one student said from the audience, Newsweek reports.

" What racist things has Charlie Kirk said?" Rittenhouse shot back. "We're gonna have a little bit of a dialogue of what racist things that Charlie Kirk said."

The student responded, saying," He says that we shouldn't celebrate Juneteenth, we shouldn't celebrate Martin Luther King day — we should be working those days — he called Ketanji Brown Jackson an affirmative action hire, he said all this nonsense about George Floyd, and he said he'd be scared if a Black pilot was on a plane. Does that not seem racist?"

"I don't know anything about that," Rittenhouse replied, clearly making the crowd in the audience unhappy.

" Does that seem racist is a yes or no question, Kyle," shouted someone in the audience.

" Well, after all the things I just told you, would you consider that hate speech," the student continued to probe.

" I'm not gonna comment on that," Rittenhouse said before running off stage when there was more jeering and boos from the audience.

Watching scum like Rittenhouse run away from college students is a delight!

In typical cowardly fashion, Rittenhouse posted a follow-up video to X where he claimed that he didn't get "booed offstage" but had to leave because he had a "hard cut-off time and just happened [to] leave at that."

He's obviously trying to save face after being humiliated on social media, but we know what we saw with our own eyes, Kyle.

In case you need to be cheered up even more, last November, Rittenhouse's criminal defense attorney lost all of his money since he was acquitted in 2021, Newsweek reports.

That feels like karma.

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