Watch: Lancs sweet shop owner catches ‘paranormal activity’ on CCTV

Lolipops, in Penwortham, CCTV. Inset is Lauren and Amy Elleray-Wilson.
Lolipops, in Penwortham, CCTV. Inset is Lauren and Amy Elleray-Wilson.

Two Lancashire sweet shop owners had an unwanted customer at the weekend and think they have captured paranormal activity on their CCTV cameras.

Amy and Lauren Elleray-Wilson say the ‘paranormal happenings’ happened at their shop, Lolipops, in Penwortham, and suspect ghost children to be responsible.

On Saturday night (July 30) the pair were at a family gathering when they received a notification saying the motion sensors in their shop had been set off.

Lancashire Telegraph: Lauren and Amy Elleray-Wilson
Lancashire Telegraph: Lauren and Amy Elleray-Wilson

Lauren and Amy Elleray-Wilson

However, it wasn’t a human break-in and Amy suspects a more paranormal reason after seeing ‘orbs’,  generally thought to be the manifestation of energy related to spiritual activity, flying across the screen.

Amy said: “The motion detectors kept going off and I wondered what on earth was going on.

“We opened up the app and were watching orbs flying around the shop.

“None of our family members knew what was going on.”

She posted the video to social media and many people were quick to comment and share it, with some even spotting shadows and more orbs in the corner of the screen.

Amy said: “When I turned my brightness up and properly looked at my phone I could see all sorts of activity going on.

“People were tagging ghost hunters and asking to sleepover – it’s gone absolutely mental.”

It’s not the only spooky happening to have taken place in the shop, according to Amy, after her sister’s bag fell off the side days before.

Amy said: “Megan’s bag has been sitting on the side for 12 or 13 minutes before it fell off.

“It had an empty bottle and butty box in and you can just see it fall off on the video.

“You can even see the bag move back slightly before falling over and there are orbs at the bottom of the screen.

“We were really freaked out by it – it’s just absolutely freaky”.

Since sharing the videos to their Facebook page, Amy said the response has been “insane”.

She said: “People have shared and viewed the videos and we have been approached for interviews by the media.

“Some were tagging ghost hunters and asking to sleepover – it’s gone absolutely mental.

“Many people are coming in and asking how the ghost is.”

If there is a paranormal explanation for the happenings, Amy suspects it could be the ghost of a little boy who she thinks may have haunted them at their former Bamber Bridge home.

She said: “We had really freaky happenings in the house we used to live in.

“The TV, lights and taps would turn on and off.

“Lauren could hear people running up and down the stairs and she could see the ghost in the corner of the bedroom.

“We were told the house was haunted by a little boy.”

Amy says the ‘paranormal activity’ has since died down – but expects more to happen in the future.

She said: “I haven’t feel uneasy or spotted anything else since… but I’m sure more will come.”