WATCH: We learn to ice skate with the Disney pros

Cape Town – Its 06:00 on Thursday morning and I’m getting ready for another day at work.

What’s on my agenda? Oh, just a private ice skating lesson with two talented performers from Disney On Ice at the GrandWest Arena.

The magical production returned to South Africa to wow its loyal audience once again and while I’m a 25-year-old adult, I'm extremely excited. 

Part of the cast is husband and wife duo Konrad and Yolande Giering. The couple have been travelling around the world with the Disney On Ice production since 2009 but are proudly South African hailing from Jozi.

It's 07:50 and I’m getting nervous, in 10 minutes I’m going to put on skates and take to the ice.

After the introductions and few "broken bone" jokes my adrenaline is pumping. But it all soon disappears. Konrad and Yolande’s confidence on the ice is contagious and after "duck walking" and some gliding I started feeling like a pro. This power couple definitely know what they’re doing. They've been in the industry since ages four and seven.

Their top tips for ice skating are keeping your arms out and head up, knowing how to fall and most importantly to have fun. Learning to ice skate is no easy task but I can now confidently say I can glide, swizzle, stop (kind of) and fall like a pro!


(Photo: Stephen Windell)

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