WATCH: Linda Robson takes panicked phone call live on Loose Women on pregnant daughter's due date

Stephanie Soteriou

Linda Robson was left panicked as she took a phone call live on air during an appearance on Loose Women yesterday afternoon, fearing that her daughter had gone into labour without her.

The Birds Of A Feather star explained earlier in the show that her 33-year-old daughter, Lauren, was expecting to give birth any day now, with her actual due date being yesterday.

After Linda’s fellow panellists pointed out her phone on the desk to the audience, the star excitedly explained: “Lauren is due the baby today.

linda robson
linda robson

“If I get a phone call and go missing you’ll know where I’ve gone!”

Excitement soon took over the studio and when Jane Moore noticed later in the show that Linda’s phone was ringing, she immediately went into a panic.

There was a clear tension in the room as Linda answered the call, only for it to be a complete false alarm.

Following the excited cheers from the audience, Linda had to break the news: “It’s one of those claim things, get lost!

“It’s PPI! No, I haven’t had an accident – but you will have!”

At least we know that it’s not just us being constantly bugged by PPI calls, eh?

And fingers crossed when Lauren does go into labour she will have Linda by her side.