Watch: Little boy is so overcome at seeing his soldier dad again that he can't move

This is the adorable moment a little boy was so overcome with emotion at seeing his soldier dad return home that he couldn’t even move.

Captain Ian Gavagan had just arrived home in Dublin, Ireland, after spending six months in the Golan Heights on the border between Israel and Syria.

As he appeared in front of his delighted family, his new wife Maria and his little daughter ran over to him to give him a huge cuddle.

Little Sean couldn’t move after seeing his dad return from Israel (Storyful)
The emotional lad was led over to his dad to give him a big hug (Storyful)
Captain Ian Gavagan shared an emotional reunion with his family (Storyful)

But his son Sean remained motionless on the spot, hunched over and crying at seeing his dad for the first time in half a year.

A man is seen walking over to little Sean to make sure he is OK before gently leading him over to his dad to greet him.


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Captain Gavagan was one of 100 soldiers stationed at Casement Aerodrome military base who returned home last week.

He had flown back earlier during his deployment to marry Maria before heading straight back out to the region.