Watch live: Heads of state arrive for Ukraine Peace Summit

World leaders including United States deputy, Kamala Harris, and Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida are joining Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelesnky at the country’s Peace Summit, exploring how to reduce tensions with Russia.

90 countries are taking part, as the event enters its second day in Switzerland.

Russia is not in attendance, and as a result, China backed out, claiming both parties needed to be involved for any resolution to be made.

“Ukraine never wanted this war, it’s a criminal and absolutely unprovoked aggression of Russia. And the only one who wanted it was Putin,” Zelensky told attendees on day one.

Before the summit began, Putin outlined his own idea of a ‘peace plan’, including the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from annexed regions of the country, and Ukraine withdrawing its pleas to join Nato.

In response, Zelensky compared the Russian president’s ideology to “Hitler”, and vowed to press on with the peace summit.