Watch live: Ukraine war testimony to be given to US Congress

US officials are set to give testimony on the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia as the conflict enters its twelfth month.

Victoria Nuland, the under-secretary of state for political affairs will address the committee, along with assistant administrator for Europe and Eurasia, Erin McKee.

The assistant secretary of defence for international security affairs with the DOD, Celeste Wallander, will also be speaking.

The full hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee comes after Joe Biden confirmed more tanks will be sent for Ukrainian troops.

Thirty-one new M1 Abrams tanks will be sent to help Ukraine bolster its defences against Russia.

Eight M88 recovery vehicles will also be sent to help tow tanks that have been damaged or stalled in battle.

Mr Biden said the tank pledge shows “commitment to Ukraine and our confidence in the skill of the Ukrainian forces.”

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