This Smart Car Has Been Converted Into An Off-Road Beast

This petrolhead has turned a tiny Smart car into something a whole lot cooler - a full-force OFF-ROAD vehicle.

Gerogiy Kosilov was sitting in a pal’s Smart car when he noticed that the two-seater motor has its turbo-diesel engine at the back of the car - just like an off-road vehicle.

Off-road: The rejigged Smart car is a lot cooler than it used to be (Caters)

With inspiration hitting him, the 29-year-old from the Ukraine bought his own mini motor and a set of wheels and within days he had something that can drive through mud, deep puddles and rough terrain as good as any other 4x4.

He explained: “Loads of people told me they didn’t believe that I could turn a Smart car into an off-roader, but that made me even more determined.

Light work: Gerogiy Kosilov kept only the essential parts when working on the vehicle (Caters)

"They aren’t big cars and they don’t have a particularly mighty engine but it’s as good as any 4x4 for driving through mud and snow.”

Throwing away anything that wasn’t essential to make the car as light as possible, Gerogiv used parts from a Volkswagen, Honda and Mitsubishi to finish his creation.

Impressive: The miniature car is able to traverse rough and muddy terrains with ease (Caters)

He added: "The wheels I put on gives it 36cm of clearance over the ground.

"All my friends were so impressed when it was finished, and it’s great fun to drive!”

Can we have one?