Watch Marjorie Taylor Greene RAGE at reporter, proving she is just as spineless as we all thought

Marjorie Taylor Greene being questioned by journalist Emily Maitlis about her belief in Jewish space lasers
Marjorie Taylor Greene being questioned by journalist Emily Maitlis about her belief in Jewish space lasers

Far-right Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene just told a British journalist to “f*ck off” when confronted with a conspiracy theory she perpetuated, proving once again that she’s far too spineless to stand behind her own words.

Emily Maitlis, the News Agents podcast host and a former BBC journalist who once confronted Prince Andrew about his ties to convicted sex offender Jeffry Epstein, spoke to Greene at Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday party at Mar-a-Lago, about who the former president may be considering for VP.

Then, Maitlis pivoted to a question we wish more reporters would ask, “Could you tell me why so many people that support Donald Trump love conspiracy theories, including yourself?”

Greene may have been less than thrilled about the question, but we’re having a great time watching her squirm. We may have watched the clip a few times…okay, a dozen!

“He seems to attract lots of conspiracy theorists,” Maitlis continued.

“Well, let me tell you, you’re a conspiracy theorist. And the left and the media spreads more conspiracy theories,” the Republican lawmaker said while keeping her fake smile plastered on her face.

“We like the truth, we like supporting our Constitution, our freedoms, and America first,” Greene responded while attempting to leave. “We’re all done here. We’re all done.”

But Maitlis, not one to back down, confronts Greene with a conspiracy theory the conservative politician has platformed before, “What about Jewish space lasers? Tell us about Jewish space lasers,” Maitlis asked.

“No,” Greene said. “Why don’t you go talk about Jewish space lasers and, really, why don’t you f*ck off? How about that?”
Classy. Way to keep your cool and act professional, congresswoman.

The “Jewish space laser” conspiracy theory became synonymous with Greene back in 2021 when one of the Georgia representative’s old Facebook posts from 2018 resurfaced, claiming that California wildfires were caused by lasers from “space solar generators” funded by the Rothschilds — a prominent Jewish family that has featured in many anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

This is far from the first conspiracy theory MTG has espoused. She’s talked about the QAnon conspiracy theory that Trump is battling a worldwide sex-trafficking ring, that 9/11 was an inside job, that the school shootings at Parkland and Sandy Hook were staged, and that “Zionist supremacists” are organizing Muslin immigration to Europe in a bid to outbreed white people, New York Magazine reports.

You’d think someone who can’t open her mouth with a conspiracy theory falling out would have the courage of her convictions, but that’s clearly asking too much from a Republican.