Watch: Meet the Birmingham Skate Buddies set to celebrate their community at Big Green event

Empress Gibbs and Birmingam Skate Buddies
Empress Gibbs and Birmingam Skate Buddies

Empress Gibbs and her Skate Buddies performance crew are set for a show like no other this Saturday (September 16) at Midlands Arts Centre in Cannon Hill Park.

The team are set to reignite and share the vibrant energy and spirit of their art which began in the park and drew inspiration from the now demolished rink at the Tower Ballroom in Edgbaston.

The Tower Ballroom started its life in the 1870s as a rollerskating rink before becoming a   dance hall in the 1920s, hosting weddings, dances and concerts - with bands including The Smiths and New Order performing there before it was demolished last year.

In addition to performing on Saturday, the Skate Buddies will show their short film titled ‘Rolling Out Brum’. This poetic documentary celebrates the history and vibrancy of the Cannon Hill Park skater community and showcases the work of emerging filmmakers and musicians in Birmingham.

The film will be followed by ‘Why Aren’t You Smiling?’ — an emotional skating performance depicting pain and collective uplift. Created by Empress Gibbs, this piece will be brought to life by the Skate Buddies performance crew. Empress Gibbs and skater Arron Newell will conduct beginner roller-skating sessions throughout the day. You can meet the skaters and watch their performances between 2pm and 4pm at the Big Green Saturday at the MAC which has events running through the day. See the full line up at Big Green Saturday. There’s a Big Green Sunday too.