Watch: Minnesota firefighter rescues deer that fell through ice

Feb. 9 (UPI) -- A Minnesota firefighter rescued a deer that wandered out onto the ice and fell through into the freezing water.

The Owatonna Fire Department said in a Facebook post that firefighters were called to assist the state Department of Natural Resources rescue a deer that had was "struggling to stay above the water."

A firefighter donned a special rescue suit and ventured out to assist the deer.

"This suit is completely waterproof with a watertight hood, gloves and attached boots," the post said. "The insulation and buoyancy of the suit allows us to maintain mental and physical capabilities for long periods of time in icy cold water."

A video shows the firefighter giving the deer a boost back up onto the ice and starting to guide it back toward the shore.

"The deer was successfully removed and eventually went back into the wild," the post said.