Watch: Moment cheeky dog THROWS herself to the floor as she refuses to accept her walk is over

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Watch as this cheeky stubborn dog throws itself dramatically to the floor when it refuses to accept the walk is over.

Defiant Dolly had enjoyed her walk with her siblings, Daisy and Dora, but was reluctant to say goodbye to the West London park.

As Daisy and Dora obediently climbed back into the car after their walk, Dolly put on quite the display as she threw herself to the ground in protest of their departure.

Dolly's owner Will Black, 27, tried to summon Dolly to the car as his girlfriend Cheyenne, 25, filmed Dolly's dramatics as she lay flat on her back in protest on the gravel, on April 5.

Actor Cheyenne Smith said: "The day it happened, we had gone for a dog walk as usual and it had been a good walk so I didn't expect any sort of tiredness.

"Dolly just chose to be stubborn that day. We got the other two in the car, asked her to come and she quite literally collapsed on the floor!

"She had her legs cocked up and she wouldn't move. We shut the boot and got in the car, and the cyclist on the other side of the car park carefully left the scene without running her over, but she didn't budge.

"It was only when she saw us start reversing to leave that she had a mini panic and got up!

"She came towards the car so we turned the engine off. She got to the driver's door, realised we were bluffing and lay back down on the road again!

"By this point, we were going to be late for dinner so we just gave up and ushered her into the back of the car. She's a huge princess, for sure!

Dramatic Dolly, five, is the youngest of the three border terriers and certainly plays up to being the baby of the trio.

Whilst Daisy, 10, and her daughter Dora, eight, happily run to Cheyenne whenever she calls, Dolly will only visit her owner when she decides she wants to.

Cheyenne added: "I've always said she reminds me of a cat - when you call her, she often doesn't come over.

"She's less attentive in the way that Daisy and Dora are. She comes when she wants to come and she doesn't follow you for food or anything.

"On a walk, she's dead sweet! When we are off the lead, if we are behind her, she's constantly turning around to make sure you're still there and will stop if you stop.

"She's a very peculiar dog!"

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