Watch moment furious motorist rams into scooter rider in dramatic CCTV footage

A scooter driver in India narrowly escaped death after a furious motorist rammed him at high speed in revenge following a near-miss moments earlier. Shocking CCTV footage captured at around 6:40 pm on April 8 from a nearby home in the Mawra area of Rajkot city in the western state of Gujrat was shared with Newsflare with permission and shows the incident. In the video, a scooter driver in a yellow shirt and passenger dressed in black turn a corner slowly and approach an oncoming silver car. The scooter and car gently collide. Angry that the driver of the car made no attempt to move out of the way, the scooter driver and his companion get off their bike and both attempt to force open the driver's car door. The motorist drives on and out of view of the CCTV camera. But that is not the end of the incident. As the rider is about to get back onto his scooter, the silver vehicle comes back into view, reversing at high speed. The scooter rider takes evasive action, narrowly avoiding getting hit, as the silver car slams into the scooter and another parked vehicle. The driver of the silver vehicle then zooms off as three onlookers come out of a nearby home to see what the commotion is all about. According to Newsflare sources, a complaint has been filed with local police and an investigation is underway.