Watch the moment a Question Time audience member reads "anti-Western" leaflet from Didsbury mosque

This is the moment a Question Time audience member claimed he had been handed an ‘anti-western’ leaflet at Didsbury mosque.

The man told a stunned audience that he was handed the leaflet – and tea and biscuits – when he attended a charity event at the Manchester mosque.

Didsbury has been linked to the family of suicide bomber Salman Abedi, the young terrorist who killed 23 people including himself when he attacked a deadly attack on an Ariana Grande concert earlier this week.

Didsbury Mosque was attended by the killer’s father, Ramadan, and family.

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Victim Olivia Campbell’s mum, Charlotte, looks at the floral tributes following the attack (Rex)

The weekly political discussion show saw the middle-aged man claim he was handed the leaflet and then read extracts from the piece of paper he was holding in his hand.

“This is direct from Didsbury Mosque,” he tells the panel, including Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, and audience.

“Living in a society in which people have accepted Western lifestyle as their way of life brings immorality at every step. Modesty, shame and honour have no place in Western civilisation.”

He said he was given the leaflet on an open day.

But a Muslim women in the audience said it was a multi-cultural community and she did not recognise the mosque as it was being described.

Two men in Manchester wearing Islam against extremism vests (Rex)

“Where that’s come from, I don’t know,” she said.

She said the comments “were taken out of context”, drawing an angry response from the man.

Didsbury Mosque has moved to condemn the deadly attack, calling it “cowardice”.

However, one of the imams, Mohammed Saeed said bomber Abedi looked at him with “hate” when he gave a sermon criticising Isis in Libya.