Watch moment as ten suspected immigrants including pregnant woman and baby climb out of back a of lorry in Cambridgeshire.

Stunned motorists today looked on as around ten suspected immigrants including a baby were found hidden in the back of a lorry after it parked up at a petrol station.

A video clip of the incident at 3.40pm today shows the moment police officers opened the rear doors of the vehicle to find its hidden human cargo inside.

At one point a swaddled baby is seen being cradled by its mother in the back of the vehicle.

Ambulance officials later confirmed they were called to the scene near the A14 at Godmanchester, Cambs, to find ten people including a pregnant woman and two children.

The origin country of the immigrants or their nationalities are not known.

The video shows a police officers opening up the rear doors of a lorry and are greeted by a man in a blue shirt.

More people then emerge from deep inside the unmarked lorry.

A young child is helped down from the lorry by police.

Tina Rooney, 19, who filmed footage of the moment the people were discovered said around 20 police officers had surrounded the lorry.

She said: "There were ten men, a baby, a young child and a woman. There were at least 15 people in the back.

"We stopped at services and were heading home when we saw the police and they looked panicked.

"There was steam coming out of the lorry when police opened it.

"There was at least 20 police officers, four vans and two cars."

Tina's clip also shows a man in a red jumper stood next to officers helping the people down from the trailer.

Cambridgeshire Police has been contacted for a statement.

Today's discovery comes just after eight people were found in the back of a lorry on the A14 just five miles away at Brampton Hut, Cambs.