Watch: Mother panda struggles as adorable cub refuses to have her bath

Nick Reilly

It seems that even baby pandas hate bath time, and this is the adorable footage that proves it.

The video shows defiant panda cub Fu Lai as she desperately attempts to avoid her mother’s efforts at dunking her in the cool water.

The clip was captured in China’s Sichuan Province and begins with Fu Lai being dragged across the floor as the tiny cub tries in vain to prevent a soaking.

The adorable cub is seen resisting her mother’s efforts

But while Fu Lai eventually gives in to her mother’s demands, she doesn’t stick around in the pool.

After an initial dunking, she quickly clambers up the side and defiantly shakes off the water – before making a pretty hasty retreat from the water.

The adorable footage was captured at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

The institution is known for exploring new methods of panda conservation and counts insitutations such as Edinburgh Zoo and Liverpool University among its main partners.