Watch: Motorbike passenger wearing a swimsuit suffers nasty burns after skidding off bike

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer

This is the painful moment a woman wearing a bikini and no helmet skidded off a motorbike, suffering some nasty burns in the process.

The astonishing footage shows how the pillion passenger fell off the bike after a dangerous manoeuvre by the driver.

Filmed on a busy road in Athens, Greece, by a pair of holidaymakers, the couple can be seen riding along the motorway before the motorbike driver attempts to overtake another bike in front of him.

The woman wearing a bikini on the motorbike fell off and skidded across a busy road in Greece (Caters)

However, the rider clips the left side of another motorbike and knocking it over – before losing control of his own bike.

The woman wearing a bikini on the bike was also not wearing a helmet as she crashed onto the ground.

She was filmed skidding across the road as shocked onlookers watch on in horror.


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The injured pair are believed to have been taken to a nearby hospital where the woman was treated for multiple burns.

The driver’s condition is not known

It is against the law to not wear a helmet on a motorbike, scooter or moped in Greece, with offenders facing a £308 and a licence confiscation.