Watch: Nikki & Ashley get smoochy under the mistletoe in ‘Reginald the Vampire’ clip (exclusive)

Ashley and Nikki kiss on Reginald the Vampire
Ashley and Nikki kiss on Reginald the Vampire

Sure it’s summertime where you are, but think cool and cozy thoughts because it's Christmastime on Reginald the Vampire — and honestly we could use the break from the heat.

So let’s all don our gay apparel and get festive!

In this adorable sneak peek clip from tonight’s episode Nikki, Ashley, and Clare are getting into the holiday spirit with a Christmas tree, ginger dead men, and of course mistletoe. It all makes for a sweet moment of found family and a reminder that queer folks can survive anything, even the undead!

This season has seen Reginald Andres on a new, better path after it was turned upside down last season, by well, being turned into a vampire. He even has found his tribe — as unexpected a group as it may be — including a cool vampire, a former vampire chieftain, a vampire hunter, his coworker, and his ex. Ya know, as you do.

The second season is well underway and episode 7 of the hit show drops tonight. In the meantime check out the exclusive clip below.

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