WATCH: Nikki Grahame Suffers BIGGEST MELTDOWN Ever On Canadian Big Brother

Here are two sets of words that don’t fit into the same sentence: Nikki Grahame and basic rations.

The reality television star, known for her jaw-dropping tantrums, had what was arguably her biggest meltdown ever this week when it was revealed that she was going to be forced to live off a stripped back budget in the Canadian Big Brother house.


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The BB legend won a spot on the North American show following a public vote, which saw two former contestants from international versions of the popular series enter the house.

After an initial and unusually calm reaction to their task loss this week, Nikki quickly descended into an all-out rage, which (unbelievably) rivals her famous ‘WHO *IS* SHE?!’ rant on the 2006 series of Big Brother UK.

In a familiar scene, the 33-year-old headed to the Diary Room to vent her frustrations, screaming: “I’m self-combusting, that’s what’s happening! I just can’t take it. I’ve got no one in this s**thole. I just can’t. I can’t wait to get out.”

Bursting into floods of tears, she continued: "Remove me from this house. Oh my god, I’m just so over it. I’ve just had enough I can’t take anymore!”

The drama escalated as Nikki continued to share her distress at the situation, wailing over life in the house and comparing it to being in an ‘asylum.’


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Since Big Brother didn’t share a suitable amount of sympathy, the diva continued her tantrum in the bathroom, attempting to destroy the furniture.

“Now I’m on slop, I’m praying there’s a God up there who can save me. I’ve gone past purgatory and landed in hell,” she exclaimed.

After Nikki had lost all of her chill, she calmed down and approached Big Brother with a practical solution to her First World problems.

She revealed: "Big Brother, I’ve thought of a really good coping mechanism though… and that’s prescription drugs.”

With Big Brother not taking her up on the offer, the star eventually ‘succumbed’ to the slop, but she certainly isn’t going to suffer in silence…