Watch Olympian Tom Daley shave off his happy trail in new razor ad that will make you FERAL

Tom Daley was in a new very sexy ad for Gillette razors
Tom Daley was in a new very sexy ad for Gillette razors

Razors just got a whole lot sexier and a whole lot gayer!

Gay Olympic diver Tom Daley is starring in a new Gillette Body and Intimate thirst trap...uh, we mean, ad that’s so hot you’ll be watching it on repeat.

The ad, posted to Daley’s Instagram account earlier this week, gets very intimate with his happy trail. It starts with the camera scanning different areas of a pool, looking for the “New Face of Gillette” before finding the four-time Olympian standing on a diving platform in nothing but his speedo.


The scanner focuses on his face and reads, “New Face of Gillette Not Found,” much to Daley’s dismay, but then it scans down to his six-pack abs and declares it’s found the new “Body” of Gillette.

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Viewers are then treated to a close-up of the 30-year-old athlete’s ripped physique while he shaves his happy trail—a sight that will leave you panting.

Who knew razors could be so sexy?!

“How many times do we hear the phrase feel good, play good? I’m no different,” Daley said of becoming Gillette’s new brand ambassador, Instinct Magazine reports. “Feeling smooth and knowing you’re ready to make that perfect rip entry helps to get you into the competition mind set, so partnering with Gillette Body & Intimate just made sense.”

Daley may be hot enough to be the razor brand’s “New Body,” but he’s also a talented diver. The British diver won a gold metal in synchronized diving at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, and now he’s headed to Paris to compete in his fifth Olympics alongside his current diving partner Noah Williams.

Between his Gillette ad and diving in the Olympics, we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Daley in his speedo and we couldn’t be more thrilled!