Watch the outrageous overtaking move that got this Audi driver banned for a year

This is the extremely dangerous overtaking manoeuvre which got a driver of an Audi banned from motoring for a year.

Reckless motorist Michael Waistell, 32, from Oldham, was caught on a dash camera using the central reservation to make pass another vehicle.

In the video footage, his Audi slides to the outside of the fast lane and into the central reservation, throwing up clouds of dust as he makes the dangerous overtaking manoeuvre.

His Audi A7 narrowly avoided crashing into the car he was passing.

The incident took place on the M5 motorway heading south near Bristol on Sunday, August 5.


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The footage shows him tailgating the driver of a Volvo in the outside lane of the busy motorway, before his car straddles the white line marking the edge of the motorway.

A cloud of dirt and debris is thrown up by Waistell’s wheel spin as he squeezes past the leading car, evading a potentially catastrophic collision by a matter of inches.

He pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and was fined £665 and banned from driving for a year.

The Audi moved into the central reservation for the dangerous move (Picture: SWNS)
The Audi moved into the central reservation for the dangerous move (Picture: SWNS)

Lee Borastero, the driver who witnessed incident, said: ‘As he pleaded guilty I think he got what he deserved.

‘I was not expecting jail time, as he had pleaded guilty.

‘It took a few days to sink in about what could have happened on the motorway. There have been some horrific accidents on the M5 this year and in the past few years.

‘We travel the M5 quite a bit. I am very wary about the traffic around me now.’